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Full Size Platform Bed Amazon


Platform beds are the go-to bed for the modern bedroom needs of the contemporary décor artist or designer. Besides being trendy and unique, they are affordable too. As a result, they are being listed for sale in e-commerce/online shopping sites. One such place is, with hundreds of bed types contained in its website. In this paper, we have pieced different platform beds that have found their way to the website’s page and discuss them in detail. We will understand consumer trends when it comes to buying platform beds online. The full-size platform bed is more significant than a single bed but smaller than the queen size platform bed. Read more How to Select the Best Full Size Platform Bed Frame

1) Metal frame full-size platform bed.

The simple search of “full-size platform bed” on amazon returns metal frames as the first page of the results. The metal frames look very sturdy and robust. However, we would need to read the specifications that come with each different bed to make our minds up. The cheapest of these metal frame platform beds is a few dollars shy of 70$(it was on offer at the time of writing). At 65 bucks, it looks like a good bargain bundled with free shipping. The rest of the metal frame platform beds range from 70$ up to about 150$. The prices depend on the additional features such as a mattress.

2) Wooden full-size platform bed.

The results yielded from searching “full-size wooden platform bed” on Amazon are not entirely different from the metal ones. The images displayed for this category are very clear and high quality (probably a marketing strategy). The beds are well spread and lit with “natural lights.” They look nice. However, these are way more expensive than metal ones. This might be due to the use of hardwood in their construction. Averaging at 175$, wooden platform beds are more costly but they look more homely and antique. A good investment if one is dedicated to their room décor. Read also at

3) Leather full-size platform bed.

Amazon’s offering of leather platform beds is a result showing mixed designs, some better than most. There are flashy leather beds with neon lights around the frame. Some are boldly colored while others are dull-colored (there’s something for everyone in this canvas of colors). The faux leather platform is cheaper than real leather. With extra features, comes a price change with one bed going for an excess of 700$ but fitted with drawers on all sides and finished in white leather. For more luxury, there are beds with leather upholstery that go for about double the price of regular beds.

4) Box spring full-size platform bed

It is a common theory that almost anything that one thinks of is a thought that has ever gone through the mind of another human being. Searching for a box spring would not be expected to yield results as it defeats the purpose of a platform bed. How far from the truth could this be? These types of platform beds are labeled with additional features such as reduced noise, maximum storage, and anything else that would attract a shopper’s interest. These box spring beds have a price tag that is almost similar to that of metal frames too.

5) Trundle full-size platform beds

Amazon’s offering of beds on wheels is as diverse as its offering of electronics. Different designs, shapes, and sizes are all I can say. Trundle beds are not uncommon, but platform beds with trundles are a bit scarce. This might be because getting a platform bed is more of an immobile investment rather than one which will be required to move often. Case in point is one such platform bed on wheels but with storage drawers top to bottom on the full length of the bed. When every drawer is opened, it looks like a fort or terrace feature from a medieval structure of England.

6) Foldable full-size platform bed

Getting a platform bed into a home where space is limited is made more accessible due to the existence of foldable options of these types. These frames fold along the centerline on the length of the bed. If a client finds the need to create space in their room, they can easily remove the mattress and fold the bed, occupying less space and effectively creating more. Foldable beds are more common when they are made out of metal frames. These frames are simply built and light. They don’t seem so technical in making the fold and might as well be manipulated by a layman.

7) Storage in full-size platform beds

Platform beds are a large bed and occupy lots of space in the bedroom. Getting extra furniture pieces to store one’s dearest clothes and garments is an additional cost and expend the limited space that is needed in the room. As a result, there is a design of storage offerings in platform beds. They have drawers, inbuilt dressers in the footboards, and shelves in the headboards. These are being offered on Amazon for a price higher than the standard platform, though an amount less than getting everything separate. If one is willing to keep their clothes in their bed, they should consider this option. Storage on beds is also an aesthetic feature than functionality in the modern bedroom. Read also platform bed storage


Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world currently. It's an offering of full-size platform beds is extensive, with a large variety not limited to the types discussed above. Combing through a site as big as Amazon requires one to have an idea of what they want to get and what it should how it should look like. Without such a view, one is bombarded by anything and everything there is to see, and this is not objective shopping. However, if one is torn between various designs of a platform bed, they could compare their specs online and then decide on which ones best suit their needs. In addition to that, prices quoted online are a guideline to what to expect when buying a platform bed from a retailer.

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