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I love cashmere – and I’m in LOVE with JG Switzer’s luxury cashmere blankets!

Cashmere is commonly known as one of the most luxurious & expensive wool, but it’s not just a wool. It is obtained from a goat of the same name, but only the soft, ultra-fine undercoat is used for luxury textiles. Cashmere is famous for its durability and longevity. It is incredibly soft and lightweight. Amongst any other luxury wool, cashmere is known to be the softest and finest.

This beautiful and affordable luxury cashmere blanket creates a warm and relaxing space, available in three different colors: White, Champagne Beige and Black. Black is available in King Size. This blanket is elegant and classy and very well made. It has a smooth texture and wonderfully soft to touch, comfortable, cozy and incredibly warm. I find it perfect to wrap it on cool nights and can be used all year long.

Personally, I just say “no” to plain white duvet hotel carbon copy look for my bed. Did you know we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed – so to me, my bed is my personal sanctuary, one I like to pay special attention to. Bed is where dreams originate, and we hope you agree it deserves a little fun and imagination. So, I’m always looking for luxury bedding companies who provide good alternatives for my bed. You can say I like to sleep with nature, in the healthiest and finest of fibers, silks and furs. Beautiful, soft and elegant blanket offers an incomparable luxury that is both seen and felt.

I was very happy to find this blanket from JG Switzer and bought it pronto. It is a perfect addition in my bedroom, as it is extremely light, soft and keeps you very warm. It more than surpassed my expectations and was worth every penny. Am very tempted to try other blankets as well – but each one is quite an investment.

Got this one first because of the design and also because I’m a big Bette Davis fan! This blanket is inspired by a movie scene I remember where she says “don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars”. <3<3<3

Also, I really find a great alternative of travel blanket from JG Switzer. I travel a lot and I never forget to carry a cashmere travel blanket. Everyone who do air travels always face a problem of air conditioning, that have on some planes and it doesn’t make for a comfortable journey. The airline blankets on planes aren’t always of good quality, cozy and clean. So, I always carry compact blankets which keeps me cozy without taking up too much suitcase space. I found a super soft, warm, and durable luxury travel blanket from JG Switzer. The quality is worth every penny. It’s very useful for flights, in the car, long day trips! I’ve washed it several times and it has come out of the dryer looking like new.

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