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Writing a thesis - no matter how prepared you are - will involve some stress. However, it's easier to get through it if you know what to expect, that it's all normal, that others will go through it too, and even manage it if you spot the signs. In today's post, we've put together what you might essay helper consider to be tiny red lights during sake making and how to deal with them.

1. Recognise it!

You are under sakdoga stress if you experience these:

- you constantly feel that you are not working hard enough, you should be doing more

- You're overwhelmed with work

- you can't concentrate

- you feel like you're not getting results no matter where you try to go and you can't control it

- even previously easy tasks seem difficult

- you feel you are not good enough to get a degree and that will "come out"

- you suffer from physical and mental exhaustion

Perhaps harder work, a new consultant, a more pleasant working environment or more systematic approach will not help with these problems. If so, look at where the problem is coming from and solve it there!

2. Slow down a bit.

Yes, we know, this is the hardest thing to do when you're under pressure, but give yourself time to think and simplify what you're trying unsuccessfully to do.

3. Simplify!

Ask yourself the question:

- How many things am I working on at once?

- If I could only focus on one, which one would it be?

- How would I break it down into steps, and which of them is the easiest to start with?

If you feel you can't simplify, let's dig deeper.

4. How do you react when something doesn't go according to plan?

- You dive into the problem until you figure out the solution - so you don't actually see a pitfall as a stress, but as a challenge, if you can do that, you'll be fine!

- You let it go and check your emails instead - meaning you are the Procrastinator. Saying to the Fisherman "just sit down and do it" is like saying to the depressed person "come on, smile, it's that simple". Get some order in your daily life, decide when, how much and what you work on, and include rests and completely different activities: these are the "reward walls". They are a refreshing break from work, but only start when you've earned them, i.e. when you've completed the planned tasks.

- You see it as a personal failure and panic - move to point 5.

There are bound to be blind spots at work. How you handle them will determine how stressful they become.

5. Are you scared?

Yes, unfortunately this can also be a source of stress, just work out what it is and act accordingly.

- Afraid you'll make a mistake and it will block you? Great, because you definitely will. That's why you have your consultant, to spot it and help you.

- Afraid you'll let someone down and fail your consultant, your parents? Put that worry aside and see, no matter what anyone says, whether your degree is important to you. If so, what can you do today to make some progress?

- Are you afraid you're not good enough for this? There is no such thing. At most, you're not hard-working enough, or you've just chosen the wrong subject and don't care enough to work on it enthusiastically. Find another one, your consultant should be able to help you here too.

- You don't even know what you're afraid of? There is such a thing. You might want to see a psychologist for a good chat, if you can work out the reason together, you'll understand college essay writing assistance yourself better and decide on the next step. It's no big deal, I've had other people who needed an outside person to shed some light on what was blocking them.

Seriously... What's the worst that could happen? Slipping a semester, transferring to a paid course and having to work to earn the money on top of writing the thesis? You might even give up at the end, and once you let go, that's when the inspiration will take over because the pressure is off? Or will you never finish and maybe you'll be like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and build something even bigger?

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