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Boston skyline
Nightblooming Cereus Cactus
[2005] Crossroads of the World
Chris Syrrist - Roanoke Twilight Criterium
Fly away and see the world, experience, learn, passionate, relax and simply be, what we feel, is what we see! Enjoy my friends!:)
The beauty we see, is the magic we feel, the urban landmarks are all supported by urban nature in the world! Explore my friends!:)
Nature and urban environments, the perfect symbiosis of living together in harmony and respect, now we humans should do the same between ourselves! Enjoy the near urban parks!:)
Dublin Airport Terminal 1 : Taxi Queue : EARLY MORNING CALMNESS : WORLD : SENSE : EXPLORE : Enjoy your flights! :)
Roanoke Twilight Criterium


Boston skyline

Boston skyline


Fotograf: Robert Lowe
Tags: nordamerika, kanon, harbor, nord-undsüdamerika, hafen, abenddämmerung, uns, amerika, wolkenkratzer, zwielicht, america, us, skyscrapers, greaterboston, unitedstates, states, eastboston, hdr, skyline, newengland, financialdistrict, commonwealthofmassachusetts, twilight, ma, 3px, eastcoastoftheunitedstates, canon, boston, bench, americas, newworld, harbour, unitedstatesofamerica, metroboston, usa, massachusetts, staaten, photomatixpro, bostonharbor, photomatix, dusk, bank, northamerica, canonpowershotg9, northeasternunitedstates
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Hersteller n/a
Modell Canon PowerShot G9
Aufnahmedatum 12.03.2012 07:20:35
ISO-Zahl 80
Belichtungszeit 0,6061 s (1/1,65)
Blende f/2,78 (278/100)
Brennweite 7,4mm (740/100)
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Bewertung: 4.70/5

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