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" Chinatown, London, England, United Kingdom "
" The Window Cleaner : A Sculpture by Allan Sly : Looking Up Capital House, Edgware Road, London, England, UK : Urban Art "
" London : Snapshots : End of January 2012 "
Fly away and see the world, experience, learn, passionate, relax and simply be, what we feel, is what we see! Enjoy my friends!:)
The beauty we see, is the magic we feel, the urban landmarks are all supported by urban nature in the world! Explore my friends!:)
Nature and urban environments, the perfect symbiosis of living together in harmony and respect, now we humans should do the same between ourselves! Enjoy the near urban parks!:)
" Landmark In Hospitality "
Perhaps believing in good design is like believing in God, it makes you an optimist.   --- Sir Terence Conran

" Chinatown, London, England, United Kingdom "

" Chinatown, London, England, United Kingdom "


Hersteller NIKON
Modell COOLPIX S9100
Aufnahmedatum 29.01.2011 13:54:39
ISO-Zahl 200
Belichtungszeit 0,0040 s (1/250)
Blende f/5,3 (53/10)
Brennweite 52,6mm (526/10)
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Bewertung: 4.60/5

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