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Oh, find me a home, where a girl with lots of energy can play...
Fly away and see the world, experience, learn, passionate, relax and simply be, what we feel, is what we see! Enjoy my friends!:)
The beauty we see, is the magic we feel, the urban landmarks are all supported by urban nature in the world! Explore my friends!:)
Nature and urban environments, the perfect symbiosis of living together in harmony and respect, now we humans should do the same between ourselves! Enjoy the near urban parks!:)
Forever and Always Two Bright Flowers On Blue Sky
Pink 3-Speed Cruiser w. Basket and Fenders
Never was photography this great, because the passion burns deep my friends! True passion, true smiles of the photographer! Enjoy!:)
[1] Glamour to go, what does it all mean? In the jungle of choice, we maybe overlook something, ourselves! Enjoy shopping!:)


Oh, find me a home, where a girl with lots of energy can...


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Nolde1 sagte am Sonntag, den 22.07.2012 um 16:19 Uhr:

Sehr schöne Aufnahme, gefällt mir sehr gut.

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