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What to do courses after 12th result?

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deskttopgamer sagte am Samstag, den 20.02.2021 um 08:32 Uhr:

While repeating most of the base metasystems from Heroes Charge-type games, Idle Heroes turns out significant upgrades and improvements to those systems. The most captivating bits of the metagame fuse the way where Idle Heroes has arranged their Character Upgrade structure.

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pihugupta sagte am Samstag, den 20.02.2021 um 07:22 Uhr:

Each student wins half of their struggle by choosing a stream after 10th grade. The choice of courses after 12th grade depends on the direction they took in 10th grade, that is, science, commerce, or art. In addition, students should ask themselves about their areas of interest, the skills they are good at, and their goals in life. The answers to these questions will help them make the right choice.