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Vital Alpha testo testosterone Booster

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You should talk with your doctor about screening for prostate cancer and other risks that may affect the prostate. Men who have or suspect prostate cancer or cancer of the mammary glands should not receive testosterone replacement therapy. Other possible risks of testosterone treatment include: High red blood cell count Acne Breast enlargement Enlargement of the prostate Sleep apnea - a sporadic interruption of breathing during sleep (rare) Accumulation of fluid (edema) in the ankles, feet, and legs (rare) Questions to ask your doctor What is the cause of my low testosterone level? Is testosterone replacement an option for me? When should I retest my testosterone level? Should I see an endocrinologist? How to know if you have too low testosterone and how it is treated Drafting BBC World March 21, 2017 Skinny man with strong arms drawn on a board. IMAGE SOURCE, THINKSTOCK Caption, Lack of testosterone is called hypogonadism and it is estimated to affect 5 men out of 1,000. Testosterone, a hormone that in men is produced in the testicles, defines typically masculine characteristics, such as the severity of the voice, facial hair, muscles and sexual capacity. All men need testosterone in order to have a physically and psychologically healthy life. But the level of this hormone naturally decreases with age, an estimated 2% a year from 30-40 years.